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Hailing from Whitby, ON Canada this 4 piece band rises to showcase their rock and roll anthems.

After two years of song writing and development, it was time to put these songs to tape. The Awareness-The Original Sound Recordings was born. Released March 2013 as a 5 track EP, it has truly captured the sound and being of the band. Recorded in Oshawa, On the hard working ethic is evident on the recent work recording. Jesse Smith (Cauterize) Executive Production, Sun Audio Room mastered (The Hostage Calm., Forgetters) and brilliant artwork and layout by Matt Verges. This musical offering is available on compact disc on a 4 panel digipak and digitally at the bands webstore located at: www.theawareness.bandcamp.com or on the main webpage www.theawarenessmusic.com.

The Awareness is comprised of members consumed by music all the lives, the passion runs deep and translates through the music. The drums pound like a well orchestrated attack, the guitars rip and the bass rumbles as The Awareness brings their arsenal to your ears. Recorded by founding members Barry Mantle (Meadowvale, Good Time Charlie) and Tav Hotoyan(Meadowvale) it was time to round out the line up. Being born into music through Beatles 8 track tapes, Barry Mantle (vocals/guitar player) churns out barnburner ballads set to beautiful harmonies executed by members Tav Hotoyan and Matt Rock. Tav-(drums/vocals) was born into his families musicial brilliance, quickly became a student of music at a young age. Matt Rock-(bass/vocals) has been the new addition. The token “Winnipeger” in the band, grew up channeling hair metal and naturally bought into our crusade after becoming a resident of Oshawa, On.

The band is currently gearing up for a series of summer shows which will feature a newly added guitar player and the long awaited cd release party for “The Original Sound Recordings”. New songs are being written, new stories will be told and new memories made as The Awareness comes into your audiospace.

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