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The Reply is a Toronto based soul band consisting of James Bond (keys/vocals), Carl Nanders (bass/vocals), Freek Siezenga (guitar) and

Scott Mckean (drums/percussion) who bring you real music about real life.

Soul music (in the way The Reply understands it) is real music about real life. It's international, intercultural, interracial and interclass. It asks hard questions. It sings about love and commitment without being just pop music. It's not afraid to speak about politics, race and justice, but it's not just protest music. It’s never gimmick, and it doesn’t date. It's about right now: love and loss, right and wrong, rich and poor. It's life music. Freedom Music. *Soul* music.

In a musical landscape where almost everything is referential it's hard to acknowledge a deep musical heritage without becoming nostalgic or appropriative. Trying to copy a sound misses the point: great soul is not a guitar sound, an organ sound, or a bassline. Great soul was, is, and will be as innovative and varied as any genre, growing and changing through every artist. And so great soul just *is*... if you love soul music, you know when you're hearing something soulful. It doesn't have to have horns; it doesn't have to not have a guitar solo. It's a feeling. It lifts you. It speaks to your heart and moves your body.

The Reply are about this idea of music, and have the pedigree to do it. Each member has 10+ years of performing, recording, and touring under their belts. The Reply knows how to play and they know how to be a band.

James Bond and Carl Nanders met in 2011 while playing in The Boojies. They created The Reply from two principles: 1) play soulful, meaningful music and 2) no bullshit; only room for people who know what they're doing and why they're doing it. Carl brought in guitarist and former bandmate Freek Siezenga (Aceface) and soon they hooked up with drummer and percussionist Scott Mckean (Gumption).

James brings many years playing keys in mod, garage and freakbeat bands (The Frankenstein 5, The Evil Hoodoos, The Satisfaction) and a committed 60s aesthetic to The band. Bassist Carl has wide musical education and experience and a strident sense of political outrage. Freek plays tasteful, perfect bits of guitar and always knows how to have fun no matter what's going on. Scott (also known as Dr. Twist) brings an astounding breadth of drumming influences combined with a punk rock DIY sensibility.

The old themes (money worries, not enough work, loss of rights, and fear for your future, just to name a few) are sadly now relevant for more people than ever. The problems are different in the details, but love, hope and dignity should never go out of style - and we live in a moment that could really use some freedom songs of its own. With debut EP Downtown Soul, The Reply want to contribute a little something to that.


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