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No Rest for the Wicked, is something I am going to be eagerly anticipating. What is it, you may ask? 

Well, let me tell you!  This is the title of Adam Baldwin’s new 6 song EP coming this spring!

For those that know Adam Baldwin, he has made his anchor in the Dirty (as locals may still call it), otherwise known as Dartmouth to everyone else.  For the past couple of years, he has locked himself away from friends and family, while he came to terms with his demons.  We all know those too well.  While he fought the demons and came to grips with his substance abuse, he paired down 20+ songs that he wrote, to six that will appear on the new rock EP.

The first single, “Salvation” has been released and is now streamed everywhere you can listen to music.  I have to say, I have always adored Adam’s music. I have frequented many a show, and I know this little rockstar has shown a lot of range in the songs he has created, from slow love ballads to peppy rock songs.  “Salvation” is just freaking good rock.  I mean GOOD.  This is one of those songs where you are sitting back and go, “WOW, where has this guy been”!
Along with the new single, and new album, Adam will be going out on tour in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta.  If getting the opportunity to hear Adam perform live, just keep this in mind… he is opening for his good friend Matt Mays.



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