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Revive the Rose was founded in 2014 by core band members Andrew Colonico, Peter Antoniou, and Matt Cookson.

Through copious amounts of hard work, jamming, and grinding show to show around Ontario, RTR has found much success in marking their territory in Southern Ontario.  Since formation, the band has always had 3 statements they stood by. And that is 1) It doesn’t matter where you come from, 2) Stick to being honest, and 3) rock and roll will never die. The 3-members faced drastic line up changes over the last 2 years, but 2017 marked a new beginning for the band when Andrew Gagnon stepped in the picture to move in full gear. And they have not looked back since. With Colonico stepping up from once a drummer and lead vocalist, to a front man, the energy created something no one has ever seen before. 5 best friends on stage, doing what they do best. And having an absolute blast. They achieved airplay on a handful of Canadian rock radio stations, as well as performing on Sirius XM, iHeartRadio, CHCH News, and Global News. They’ve shared the stage with multiple up and coming Canadian acts such as The Glorious Sons, The Lazys, Danko Jones, and many more. With a debut LP in the works for summer 2018, they plan to get out there and show the world what rock and roll is all about. They will revive the rose city Welland, and put it on the map.


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