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The Occupational Side Effects

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/06/30

Well it’s that time again. Off to the studio to record another album.This one is titled “Cadillac Hotel”.

In November of every year since the recording of “Not Your Dealer’s Friend”, is when I find it best to record (touring in the winter months can be a pain without the proper support, also being from the islands, it too bloody cold). All the demos have been written and now it’s time to get down to work. I like to think of it like back in the days of old, artists and bands would record and put out an album every four months or so.If they can do that, so can I however, I will settle for a goal of one album a year.

On this record I have enlisted my friend and bandmate from other projects Andrew Lamarche on drums and we have begun the bed tracks. Drew played the drums on the current album “Number Four – Love Song”.

Let me tell you a little bit about the conception of “Cadillac Hotel”. While I was out west on a acoustic tour coupled in with filming music videos for singles from Number four and NYDF, with a couple of days off, we went “crop checking” in rural SK (for those who have been out west know what I mean).

We pulled into this small town called Cadillac. S.K. This is a town that has streets are named after cars like Hudson St and Buick St, It’s pretty cool. Now I have had pervious knowledge of this town for it was one of the considerations when we were pre – planning for a tour so I had to check it out. This town is the home of the world famous Cadillac Hotel bar. We pulled into Cadillac looking somewhere to “wet the whistle ” as some will say and ended up at this bar.

From the outside looking in, one would not expect it to be that great. But on the inside , it was totally different than what I expected. The people were great, the staff of one was awesome until Canada’s finest in red, blue , white and yellow showed up to end the party and also get their lunch. Needless to say, it was time to jet. After the adventure of side roads, farm fields and a few more “pit” stops along the way to the cabin I was staying at, I reflected on that moment in my life and was inspired by the venue and people that I met. I decided to name the new record “Cadillac Hotel”

In these updates from the studio, I will be adding pictures and videos of the making of this album so until then, here is the track listing for ‘Cadillac Hotel” by The Occupational Side Effects

1: Travelling Eggs and bacon man part 2
2: The one and only woman
3: Borrowed time
4: Whisky man
5: Don’t give it up
6: Red door
7: Over my head
8: It’s alright
9: Life feels good
10: Fall into the moment
11: Caution (Bob Marley cover)
12: Standing here blue
13: The Last Mistake
14: This is how it goes
15: What do you feel inside?

Till next time,


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