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The Maxwells

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/10/11

The Maxwells are a talented young group from Montreal, Quebec. It was in a household in St-Leonard, Montreal that the band came together in the Garage of Drummer Anthony Polisena and remained there for a very long time. By the simple notion of banging out tune after tune during this period The Maxwells were able to create their unique sound, incorporating the atmospheric elements of indie, pop and punk with catchy vocal melodies, harmonies and guitar riffs.

Aged 20-21 years old, all playing music for the vast majority of their lives, they blend and combine their different musical backgrounds. Their on stage energy, inspired straight from the books of bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, KISS, Simple pLan and more, make for an energy packed performance during their live shows that makes audiences want to move. Joseph Sardelli's remarkable and versatile voice is given power by the intense drum beats put forward by Anthony Polisena and the vocal melodies are given light by lead guitar Santino Agostino's intricate melodies and rhythm guitar Jon Pires' solid backing along with basist Fabrizio Pizzanelli's groovy bass lines.

Although together for less than three years, the band has quickly caught the ear of programmers and industry professionals across Canada. The group wowed audiences across Canada on their very first cross Canadian tour in July of 2015 and left a following in every leg of the tour.

2015 kicked off with the launch of their debut album “HEART ATTACK” on march 1st in Canada.

With their awe inspiring youth, there go-to attitude and not being afraid to work hard in order to achieve their goals, The Maxwells are not only climbing in this industry, they're thriving. If they're ever in your town, do yourself a favour and check them out!

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