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Return For Refund

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/03/15

Eager to establish themselves in the music scene with the creation of their first EP, the Toronto based band Return For Refund defines themselves through their contagious, riff driven sound.  With edginess and raw vocal grit, Return For Refund blends elements of Rock, Punk, Metal, Funk and Blues in harmony. 

Gaining inspiration from bands such as Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, each member brings their own unique flair to the group. Frontman Drew Clementino, the riff crafter and wordsmith, is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. Immediately after picking up the guitar at twelve years old, Drew wrote his first song. “It was always about developing my own sound and playing in a band. That’s how I learned. I made a very conscious effort when I was learning not to focus on learning other peoples’ music” says Clementino. 

As the band’s hell raiser and guitar shredder, Sasha Molotkow adds a technical touch to each song. When listening to their music, you can hear the intricate and technical instrumentation he brings with his fast, crazy shredding. He provides the band their metal-type edge. As a lover of funk, reggae and anything with a good strong beat, Karlis Hawkins is the band’s instigator of funk and flow. His drumming style perfectly compliments Clementino’s beat oriented guitar riffs.

Formed in 2013, the band was created after Drew left the army to pursue his musical ambitions. During his seven years in the military, he always found himself writing songs and bringing his guitar no matter where he went all over the world. After auditioning for a few bands that didn’t fit his sound, Clementino tried out for a cover band where he felt an instant chemistry with their guitar player, Sasha. Later that night, he went to an open mic and coincidentally came across that same guitarist. “We ended up playing a bunch of Blues songs like Mustang Sally and Red House. He played guitar and I sang. We just immediately hit it off,” says Clementino.

Clementino joined the band and the chemistry between him and Molotkow grew. Soon, they felt that they were moving in a different direction from the rest of the band and left. Serendipitously after leaving, Karlis, Molotkow’s high school band’s drummer, returned to Toronto after deciding he wasn’t going back to school in Halifax. With a lead vocalist, guitarists and drummer, Return For Refund was born.

Their self-titled EP has been well received by campus stations around the country. It reached #4 on CFOU Trois-Rivieres album and single charts after fifteen weeks on the charts. Other college stations having played the debut release regularly include CIUT Toronto, CFRC Kingston, CKRL Quebec City, CKUM Moncton, CHSR Fredericton, CFRU Guelph, and CFBX Kamloops to name a few.

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