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Plain as Ghosts

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/12/29

PLAIN AS GHOSTS constructs heavy, lyrically directed songs with hints of melodic ambience. The band draws on deep, personal experiences derived through love, loss and life along the often arduous path of existence. The intimate lyrics seek to spark an outlook of hope and integrity which comes as a refreshing take on a genre typically fuelled by anger and aggression.

Trevor Lux (vocals/guitar) and Adam Halstrom (bass/vocals) met several years ago as their paths crossed while performing with previous projects. Both of them are self-proclaimed "gear heads" and through this, they kept in touch. The pair began collaborating in late fall of 2014. Adam, with years of experience as a songwriter, producer and engineer, crafts concise, pointed rock songs from Trevor's constant stream of lyrics and melodies.

As the music progressed they decided to take the next logical step and form a live band. Trevor reached out to drummer Rodrigo Ramirez (the two previously spent several years playing together with the band "Callida"). Finally, lead guitarist Daniel Friesen joined the group, adding melodic textures and hooks to the otherwise emotional, gritty songs. Since then, the band has found a shared love of songs from their favourite musical decade - the '90's! This melting pot of ideas and influence has evolved into the sound which has become distinctly PLAIN AS GHOSTS.

The band is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and rehearses from Trevor's home in Niverville - a rural community 30 km south of Winnipeg.

Drawing upon many combined years of stage and studio experience, PLAIN AS GHOSTS is excited to bring a dynamic, high energy performance to the stage with a dash of down to earth charm!

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