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Morning Fame

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/06/28

Morning Fame has grown out of the powerful music scene in Toronto, Canada. Well known for its diversity, Toronto is always bursting with versatile ideas and creativity. From this dynamic city has emerged a band with a very special mix of experience that has produced an inspiring body of work. With a mix of musicians that brings together worldly cultures – Morning Fame celebrates their differences through a vibrant and unified sound that incorporates genuine emotion, sincere melody and audible passion to their collaborative brand of rock.

Morning Fame skillfully use insightful imagery to bring their words to life…alongside rhythms and melodies that genuinely connect and resonate with people of all ages. Their writing-style consistently brings out hooks that have real presence and leave an endearing, lasting impact on the mind, body and soul; you can sing-along and catch the rhythms quickly on the surface…but you can also dig deeper to get even more meaning out of their multi-dimensional music."

With stunning music created organically and naturally between them; Morning Fame’s bond is an unbreakable one – and that solidarity they share translates fluidly into authentic tunes that truly move the heart and challenge the mind.

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