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Hotel Royal

Posted by on 2013/10/17

Retro, funk and blues inspired garage rock that will have you (and them) dancing. All our music is FREE @


Televisions features, newspaper spreads, and competition titles are among Hotel Royal’s shortlisted accomplishments, alongside performing with legendary Canadian acts like Sloan, Lighthouse, David Wilcox, and April Wine, and touring south western Ontario with iLL Scarlett…all within one year of releasing their debut EP.

On stage, Kaylan Szuch, Johnny Gregson and brothers Chris and Andy Hepburn co...mpose an explosive, wickedly consistent, and airtight working unit regardless of the circumstances. They understand that it takes more than just the right music or just the right look to make an impression, and they demonstrate this understanding with unconcealed passion for every aspect of their roles:

"Though I’d never once heard of this band, it took all of a few seconds to gain my full attention. Lead singer and guitarist Chris Hepburn, who was completely soaked in sweat by the second song, didn’t seem to care one bit that he was performing for a crowd of less than ten people. Instead, he gave us everything a packed house deserves and more.” – Fazer Magazine

Hotel Royal continues to move forward with a simple yet proven philosophy: they play what they want for those who want it, even if they don’t know it yet.

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