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Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2015/12/30

Cleopatrick is unlike any other rock duo. With their popularity growing at an exponential rate; they are a part of a new wave of more talented, creative, and personal musicians, with their own spin on the concept of a duo. 

In a creative move, the vocalist in Cleopatrick is also the guitarist and bassist in the duo. 

Without any audible sonic seam (and using an array of boutique pedals with an extra bass amp) he is able to unleash not only the classic, gritty, feedback infested, uncontrollable fuzz from his electric guitar, but also a profoundly deep and ever powerful bastardized bass tone. 

With the click of a button, the duo can suddenly explode into something much fuller, and they use this to their advantage - creating dynamic moments of angst where the already addictive root sound of a guitar and drums catalyzes and explodes into the sound of a full band much to the surprise of their audience. 

Nobody looks at rock duo the same once they've experienced Cleopatrick.

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