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Break the Trend

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/11/30

It all started in a crowded cafeteria in February 2010 with nothing more than two guitars and an idea. Alex Lajambe and John Fournier, classmates and buddies, from there began piecing together what would eventually become Break The Trend!

     Pat Pharand had been a prominent musician at their high school. Though he was mainly a ‘fiddler’, through the grapevine Alex and John learned he had inherited a bass guitar, and so it was only natural that they’d ask him to join. After hearing Pat play, he’d immediately earned their respect. Despite a bit of preemptive judgment, the boys now had a band, and were amped to get started.

     Break The Trend wasted no time assembling their self-titled 5 song EP, which was released later that year in June. The band had teamed up with record producer Ben Leggett to make their dream a reality, and after months of recording everywhere from a music classroom to a storage closet, they were ready for their initial release. Back then, the band was still in high school and were just starting to figure out who they were. The bands vibe in 2010 was all about exploring themselves and finding who they were musically. For them that EP was just pure fun, experiencing all those new things was fantastic for them. Now they had a few fans who loved their music, and somewhat of an established brand, but in the end the EP was indeed for them. It was what helped them grow together as a band They didn’t have many physical copies of the album and they can recall one song from the EP they think is out on iTunes. To this day they’re not quite sure you can even find every single song on that album on the internet. If you ever find yourself bored on a Friday night, we challenge you to dig around.

With the help of Indie Out Loud in October 2010, the band set off for their first show at the White Water Gallery which packed the house and left everyone wanting more. Alex was the first to leave in September 2010 and with him set off for college, Pat and John had tried to replace him. Though they never really had any real luck, every so often when Alex was back in town he would would go practice with them. Later that year, John left for college, and by the time Alex returned to North Bay, Pat had moved. Even when faced with the challenge of distance, members did their best to keep the idea of Break The Trend alive in their hearts. But soon enough thing fizzled out, and the band went their separate ways! Though members branched out into different projects, they remained thirsty for the satisfaction their work with music brought them. With time the insatiable passion that drove Break The Trend from the very beginning is what drove them back to each other, that passion never truly died out. After many attempts to get the band back on track, one little sentence lit the fire once more: “I don’t want to exist unless we try.” These were the words that set in motion events that will transpire the band’s history. Early 2014 brought recording plans, shows, and member recruitment; a plan was put into place to ensure that Break The Trend would continue to rock. Lucas Mullins (current lead-guitarist) and Alex went to college together for radio broadcasting, and their first assignment was to get into pairs and literally write out their life story. The two were put together and through their time working on their assignment, the band came up and their shared interest in music took the forefront.

     That session ended with Alex showing Lucas the bands music and Lucas showing Alex his guitar riffs that he had recorded when he was younger. Just from something as simple as his riffs, Alex had known he was the one; there was an underlying passion to his playing that went perfectly with their style. From there the two jammed out a couple times before Lucas was eventually introduced to John. The meeting didn’t go so well at first, but once Lucas started playing guitar, John knew why Alex had been so adamant about him. By late September 2014, they were back on it. The band started playing shows again while working on their latest EP, Talk is Cheap featuring tracks “Hey Darlin’”, “Can’t Take It”, and “Life Of Sin”. The album was featured on a segment of New Music Monday hosted by 101.9 The Fox. The segment usually features new tracks from major label artists, but Break The Trend, an unsigned band, were the first to “break” into the segment. Shortly after the depart of bassist Pat Pharand in late 2015, the band signed to a brand new label, SounDrive Records!

     For Break The Trend, the stage feels more like home. It became and still is a place where they can truly be themselves, free from all judgment and stigma. Having people to share their music with and having those people connect is a different kind of excitement; it’s like sharing a piece of your heart and soul to the world. With the chance to free your thoughts you offer up vulnerability. Creating music on the other hand is more of a self-exploration, just like the stage is used to express such feelings, creating is where they find the material to express themselves. Through music they find the selves they want to present to the world. The bands chemistry itself is an inspiration to their sound as well as a respect for each other’s musical backgrounds and style. Their hunger for separating themselves from the current sound but respecting what has already been around for years is what they are striving to achieve. To put it into words so acutely said by Lucas: “There’s no more “Roll” to the “Rock” meaning there is no groove in modern rock music!” That sentence alone has driven them to write a more passionate, feeling based type of Rock and try to get that Roll in there as well instead of emulating what’s already out there. They find that most music nowadays is very uninspired and saturated by “corporate bullshit”. But all in all, life would simply not be the same without music. Even after going their separate ways, music and passion is what brought them back together. Break The Trend is all about creating a connection with their fans through their love of music. With unrivalled passion and attitude, none can compare to the dynamic range Break The Trend offers with their lyrics, reaching out to the souls of all who listen. Break The Trend is only getting started. Signed and excited, the band is ready to make an even bigger dent in Canada’s music scene. So buckle up and join us for the ride!

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