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Billy Wild

Posted by Jay . on 2018/05/31

Billy Wild is one of those people who has his fingers in a number of creative pies, a filmmaker, music video producer, songwriter, editor. Just like the man the music is a patchwork of styles and influences, genre clashes and cool ideas. Maybe nothing is new under the sun but it still takes a clever imagination and skilled eye to gather all the building blocks you find around you and build them into something that stands out from the competition.

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Upcoming Concerts

Moon Vs. Sun

October 24th 2018
Markham, Flato Markham Theatre

Bif Naked

October 25th 2018
Oshawa, Music Hall

The Lazys

October 26th 2018
Oshawa, The Music Hall

Jeremy Hotz

October 27th 2018
Markham, Flato Markham Theatre

The Royal

November 2nd 2018
Toronto, Toronto’s Exhibition Place

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