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Bend Sinister

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/09/19

It’s a common thing to hear after touring in a band for 12 years. Your friends and family start saying “Man, you must have some crazy stories, you should write a book!” And yeah, I guess it’s true. 12 years in vans, airplanes and busses, travelling different places every night, you get a few stories. But what are the old battered clichés that are worth uncovering and telling again? Is it the bleary-eyed lobby calls on a gruelling US fly in tour? The time we ate McMuffins with the guitar player from Deep Purple? The 16 hour haul across the Canadian shield in a van with a broken muffler? Or maybe it’s the 3 am fist fight in a New York hotel room fueled by too much booze and not nearly enough sleep?

Maybe it’s getting invited to play a private show for John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl and shaking hands with the rocknroll elite.  Maybe it’s watching the sun rise over Paris from the window of the tour bus. Maybe it’s the feeling of hearing an amplifier ignite through festival speakers and the realization that for the next hour; you’re the loudest thing for miles around. That one never gets old.

Yeah, there are a lot of stories. But the ones that count have already been recorded. They’re in the 7 albums that Bend Sinister has released. The stories are woven within the 13 days spent in San Diego recording Animals, in the Toronto rehearsal space where the band pieced together Small Fame. The stories are in the blissed-out youth that was Through the Broken City and Stories of Lovers, Tales of Brothers.

The stories that matter are pressed in wax. They live in the hearts of a dedicated cult fan base, in the couple from Alberta who followed the band for a week on a Canadian tour for their wedding anniversary, in the lungs of the kids in Munich screaming out for a song that they had to get from an import CD. The story lives in the fan who bought a flight from Arizona to see the band’s first show in LA. It’s been told through hundreds of shows in a dozen countries, to people who want to keep hearing it over and over again.

It’s a rough thing playing in a band, but there are still more stories to tell, and we’re not finished yet. We’ve been through the grinder. Agents, labels, managers, crazy highs and pummeling lows. But there has always been the audience. We’re writing this to YOU. The listener, the concert ticket buyer, the fan that has kept the band alive. We have so many more stories to tell.

So this is our next chapter, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve signed to Cordova Bay Records and have two more records ready to put out.  So dust off your record player, turn the volume up loud and come see us on the road.

Bend Sinister

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