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Anti Queens

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2017/06/02

The Anti-Queens are four friends from Toronto who write punk rock/grunge pop inspired tunes... Or as they more easily describe their band "8 tits and a dick with some instruments".

Consisting of Emily Bones on lead vocals/guitar, Mary Deth on bass, Valerie Knox (of Black Cat Attack) on lead guitar and newly joined member Dallas Conte on drums.

After their release of debut EP "Grow Up/Stay Young" in 2013, the trio collaborated on a brand new Factor funded EP titled "Start Running" (release date June 8th 2015) with a few talented friends. Produced yet again, by Ian Blackwood and mastered by Zach Gerber, with special quest vocals by Walk Off The Earth's Sarah Blackwood and The Creepshow's very own original singer, Jen Blackwood. The song "Like A Flame" features, and was also co-written by Street Pharmacy's Ryan Guay.

With two month-long U.S.A tours, two EP's, 3 music videos under their belts, along with a world-wide personal connection with their "Royalties" (fans), this group proves that being under a major label isn't a requirement for the goals they have set for themselves. The Anti-Queens are quickly advancing the term "DIY" with the support of other bands, venues, friends and fans around the world.

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