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Andrew La Tona

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2018/09/06

It seems as if music has been my life since the day I was born.  My mother always reminds me that as a toddler, she signed me up for a Mother and Tot music class.

A fond memory of mine is that for as long as I remember, there has always been a piano in my home.  At the age of seven, I began formal lessons in piano and classical theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music for seven years.

By fourteen I made a commitment to myself that music was to become my life.  I discovered my father’s old guitar hidden in the basement.  I took it upon myself to learn by ear, listening to records and reading guitar magazines.

When I entered high-school I was proficient on Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums.  I made the band room my home, where I played in all the school ensembles, refined my sight reading and theory, and learned Trumpet, Euphonium and Flugelhorn as a personal project.

I earned an education at Seneca College and School of Communication Arts between 2004 and 2006.  My area of study was Radio Broadcasting and Journalism, however I specialized in Production and Foley.  Throughout my years at Seneca, I interned at The Evanov Group, specifically in Foxxy 88.5 and Z 103.5’s marketing department.

Throughout the years 1999 to 2006, I had been playing with various groups with long-time collaborator Edward Kramer (The Danger Bees), recording numerous records on digital recording platforms.  Ed and I founded the bands Odd Man Out, and Yesterday's Gone.  During this time, we recorded four albums, and I personally completed three solo albums which went on to be the foundation of our future band together, Big Stereo.

Between the years 2006 and 2009, my full-time attention was focused on my former band, Big Stereo with Ed Kramer, Steve Brown, José Silva, and former members PJ Herrick (Crush Luther), and Bodan Mulholland (The Envy, Crush Luther).  With Big Stereo, I had the opportunity to record and release independently some of my best work, tour Canada, and work with producer Joseph Donovan (The Dears, Sam Roberts) on the pre-production of our second record.

I spent the following year studying music privately with Dr Peter Johnston of Toronto’s See Through Trio.  With Pete, I studied Contrabass and Theory in the syle of Jazz, refining my performance technique, improvisational skills and musicianship.

Since 2010, I have continued to work on my own music.  Currently, former Big Stereo manager, Alessandro Lanzillotta has taken the role of mix and mastering engineer on my upcoming debut E.P.  Aside from this, I spent these past two years on a minor musical hiatus, working as a signature drink competition winning barista with Crema Coffee Co., in Toronto.  During 2010-2012, I have acted as Lead Guitarist/Cellist/Vocalist for Mary Stewart, Toronto based singer/songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia for both live performances and on her latest record, "Chances Are, I Like You".  I have also appeared live with The Danger Bees as their understudy Drummer/Percussionist/Bassist, as well as assisting in the recording of their latest record, "Wyatt".


     In May 2012, I joined a new project named, "Fortune" with former INXS frontman, JD Fortune, and formerly of Crush Luther, Luther Mallory, PJ Herrick and Matt Leitch.  Our debut performance at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA was an absolute success.  We're currently working on the release of our first E.P., which was recorded at Cherry Beach Recording Studio, and planning our first tour.


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