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40 Sons

Posted by Shane Macaulay on 2013/08/30

Meet Hamilton, Ontario-based rock quartet 40 Sons.

Authenticity, instinct, and passion for the music they create drives this dedicated group. Coming together circa 2004, the... band was so eager to play they were booking shows even before they had a lead singer. Fate and luck were on their side and they found Mike Repic only a few weeks before the first gig….and they killed it.

Pulling from a variety of musical authorities to create a matchless amalgam of alternative, rock and metal, 40 Sons is forged on being veracious, tenacious and credible.

“A lot of bands are driving the rock sound to be pretty stale,” says Repic. “There's not enough energy and excitement in it anymore. With this band, you have four guys sitting around writing music they actually feel something from, rather than a team of writers churning out vacuous pop.”

“We're trying to bring realism to music again,” offers Spik. “We want to offset that superficial aspect and deliver sincerity instead of this empty 'party time' thing that people can't adhere to when everything isn't great in life.”

With accolades including featured play on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events, attaining Hard Rock Cafe's Ambassadors Of Rock Champions for all of Canada, beating out over 1,000 acts in the 2008 Bodog Battle Of The Bands National Champions and receiving the Hamilton Music Awards' 2007 Local Group Of The Year, 40 Sons' no-nonsense mentality and refined attack are proven as enduring, deliberate and expressive. People are connecting.

It's a certainty the act is set to reassert via their latest accomplishment: an independent, self-titled third release. Influenced from a wealth of sources ranging from classic rock to modern metal, 40 Sons is the culmination of years of resolve, candour and backbone channeled into an unparalleled sonic assault.

“Who you're influenced by and what you sound like are two very different things,” asserts Spik. “A band like this takes inspiration from The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Do we sound anything like them? No. Some of us like Queens of the Stone Age and some of us like Red Hot Chili Peppers, but we still don't fit their mold.

“We take bits of inspiration from a lot of different places but when you hear us, you won't be calling us, 'the band that sounds like this band or that band,” offers Repic. “We take their drive; the idea of what made bands we love distinct and apply it to ourselves.”

In terms of 40 Sons, the result is an album inspired by variation and experimentation. From its honed edge and infectious yet crafty attack to undeniable aggression, the album—recorded with revered producer Carl Jennings at Hamilton's Westmoreland Studios—is a rousing blast of 11 dominant, captivating tracks.

“We have fine-tuned our style,” Spik states. “We take the best elements of what we've done previously and unite them on 40 Sons. Our first album was outright heavy while the second was a lot more melodic. This record combines those two directions and finds new ground. We have our inherently heavy influence but I think we have added a unique twist. This is easily our most focused work yet.”

From the likes of “Hurricane,” a tune hand-picked as the introductory music for UFC 152, the official song of the OHL on Rogers TV and Leafs TV and as lead-in for UFC sportscaster Showdown Joe's radio favourite, “The Showdown” through a revised take on previously-released track “I Have A Gun,” with its driving beat and ironic take on teen violence and “Run Baby Run,” a beastly effort with an upbeat bend, 40 Sons is clearly colourful, distinct and catching. Far from rudimentary, shallow or frivolous, it reassures 40 Sons' commanding appeal through substance and girth.

“Whether it's live or on our albums, we want people to have a great time and find something to
connect with. If they don't relate to your music in some way, they can't really like what you're trying to do. It's important to have that link,” notes Spik. “Still, you have to walk away having a good time and remembering something that was a lot of fun. There needs to be personal value.”

“40 Sons is more than just a band,” he concludes. “It’s a family. We all share the same love of music, commitment to writing great tunes and the same goal of bringing that music to the world. Everything we do is with sincerity at the forefront.”

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